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GTT Community Programs

We deliver our GTT program curriculum to our community partners who already serve students from underestimated communities within the region. We developed a Community Robotics Program for schools and organizations who did not had little to no access to robotics. This is a 11-week afterschool program where students design, build, and code robots, while also developing a business pitch.

GTT Alumni Club Programs

Self-efficacy is critical when it comes to achieving seemingly difficult goals for the first time. We understand the impact this has on girls pursuing STEM. Outside of our curriculum programs,
we provide mentorship, college and tech industry tours, guest speakers, and homework help
to middle and high school girls.

GTT Career Programs

We introduce high school girls to emerging technology (Industry 4.0 technologies) to get them a headstart to be on the forefront of new innovation. This program leads to job shadowing and apprenticeship opportunities with our company program sponsors and partners.


Partners and Sponsors

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